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3D Mapping Solutions GmbH

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About us

Founded in 2007 3D Mapping Solutions stands at the forefront as a leading expert in the realm of highly accurate road data. Our core competencies lie in the comprehensive spectrum of data capturing, processing and analysis, empowering industries with unparalleled insights. Our product suite and services encompass cutting-edge offerings such as digital twin, point cloud, surface model, HD map and 3D environment datasets, setting industry benchmarks for precision and reliability.

Our solutions cater to a diverse array of use cases, including vehicle dynamics, noise & vibration analysis, ADAS, autonomous driving and driving simulators. By addressing these critical applications, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and drive excellence in their respective fields.

We serve a broad spectrum of customers including automotive giants (OEMs, suppliers), technology companies and gaming industry leaders.

Join us on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets real-world applications.

Augsburg Germany: High density Point Cloud

Cobblestone: Surface Model, regular grid 5x5mm, height accuracy <1mm

HD Map showing road logic examples: directions, lanes

HD Map visualization of highway intersection

Race Track Nürburgring: Fully integrated Digital twin

Highway Germany: 3D Environment with HD Map for Driving Simulation

Ingolstadt Germany: 3D Environment for driving simulation

Großglockner Alpine Pass: 3D Environment for driving simulation

Race Track & Proving Ground cooperationss (excerpt)


3D Mapping Solutions GmbH
Raiffeisenstr. 16
83607 Holzkirchen

E-mail: info@3d-mapping.de
Phone:  +49 8024 4604100
Internet: www.3d-mapping.de

Contact person:

Jörn Stieger
Sales Manager
E-mail: joern.stieger@3d-mapping.de
Phone: +49 8024 46041-00

Products & Services

Digital Twin - New
Immerse yourself in a world where realism meets virtuality with our latest product.
Feel what you see in immersive driving simulations.
This cutting-edge solution merges the realms of road-, logic-, surrounding data and gaming technology, delivering an unparalleled digital experience
Data capturing
Our global data capture. Precision powered by our fleet for highly accurate road data
Point Cloud
The foundation, accurate data for object extraction and refinement, empowering your specific use cases & products
Surface Model
Simulate and feel any road imperfections. Elevate vehicle dynamics and address noise-vibration-harshness challenges with precision
HD Map
Supporting the future of ADAS and Autonomous Driving with our HD Map. Fueled by advanced road network logic, enabling precise results and analysis
3D Environment
Dive into unparalleled driving simulation with our 3D environment. Realistic road surfaces and surroundings elevate the driving experience to new dimensions

Surface Model

High accurate road surface for Raceteams, Automotive, Engineering, Gaming
Ready to use for Noise-Vibration-Harshness, vehicle dynamics, multi-body simulation
Available formats: Open CRG, Road5, etc. - based on PointCloud .laz
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Surface Model

HD Map

High accurate road logic for Automotive, Engineering,
Ready to use for special driving maneuver, ADAS & Autonomous driving
Available formats: OpenDrive, Road5, Lanelet2, USD, NDS etc.
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HD Map

Digital Twin (3D Environment)

High accurate Digital Twin for Raceteams, Automotive, Engineering, Tech Companies, Gaming
Ready to use for full realistic, realworld experience for driving simulation, vehicle dynamics, game engines. Available formats: FBX, Unreal, Unity e.g.
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Digital Twin (3D Environment)

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