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RFS Global

Booth number: 55439-09

About us

RFS Global is a Wireless access company in global operation. We connect teams of few people to thousands of users securely without any Internet, Mobile or Land Line infrastructure together. With decades of experience in different wireless technologies we build secure links with best performance of audio transmission for the market. We offer: out of the box products for connecting of groups of 2 to 128 and more in a duplex way. customize OEM and ODM products according to customer needs.

Team Connect for sport events


RFS Global
Lembergerweg 12
74348 Lauffen

E-mail: sales@rfsglobal.com
Phone:  +49 7133 1494840
Internet: www.rfsglobal.com

Contact person:

Ahmad Lindenberg
General Manager
E-mail: lindenberg@rfsglobal.com
Phone: +49 7133 1494840

Products & Services

Wireless access for team communication. The TEAM CONNECT Product Family links securely a team of 2-128 members bi-directionally. The connection of a multiple of 128 team members is possible by using additionally TEAM CONNECT EXTENSION. Key Benefits

Wide band and Bi-directional communication system 
4 party conferencing
Long distance coverage of about one km
Fully free of any disturbance of WIFI, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and any other wireless systems
Crystal clear voice quality using16 KHz audio bandwidth
80 channels within 5.7 to 5.9 GHz 
6 broad casting channels 4 bi-directional channels
No licence-fee 
Free of cyber attack

Key Application Area

Large event management like sport, theatre, concerts, national and religious events 
Retail shops Hospitals (Patient-Nursing service) 
Elderly home managements
Warehousing Construction site 
Shipping camp 
Pet tracking 
Campus management 
Museum guide

Team Connect 4 / Pet Tracker

Track and monitor your dog by your voice over a long distance. Listen to him whether he is alright. Talk to him and send him a command by your voice to sit, to stop running away or come back. See whether he is going out of range.

Conferencing of up to 3 team members simultaneously is possible.

TEAM Connect 4

Team Connect 16

Connecting a Team of 2 to 16 members together.
Conferencing of up to 4 team members simultaneously.

Team Connect 128

Connecting a group of 2 to 128 members together. The team manager acts as a broad caster and briefs the members. Up to 3 additional members can join the conference. Totally 4 bi-directional-connection.

Conferencing of up to 4 team members simultaneously while all the other 124 team members are in receive mode and can talk to the manager by pushing the PTT button. Everybody is on the same channel and can listen to the question of the member.

TEAM Connect 128

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