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PixelFree Studio UG

Booth number: 55439-22

About us

PixelFree Studio, based in Saarbrücken, Germany, is at the forefront of revolutionizing frontend development with its patented software. Standing out from competitors like Figma, Adobe, Locofy, and AnimaApp, it uniquely combines a design tool with code generation capabilities. This innovative approach allows developers to create native, human-readable code without language limitations, offering unparalleled flexibility. Designers benefit from this by realizing their visions without constraints. The software supports cross-platform animations and full vector graphics on mobile devices, leveraging Google Cloud for enhanced security and efficiency. With its advanced features, PixelFree Studio is not just a software provider but a leader in technological innovation in frontend development. This platform is reshaping how developers and designers collaborate, bringing a new level of creativity and efficiency to the industry.


PixelFree Studio UG
Kaiserstr. 26a
66111 Saarbrücken

E-mail: phil@pixelfreestudio.com
Phone:  +49 151 28995588
Internet: www.pixelfreestudio.com

Products & Services

PixelFree Studio is a patent approved software to automate the UI development process. We export from one master design of our proprietary design tool, to all different platforms such as HTML, C# for Webapps, C# for Desktop Apps, Vue and React, which makes developers up to 500% more effective. We do this by creating human readable formatted native code. We do not use libraries. Whenever you are using a library, you do NOT own your code. We give the control and freedom back to the companies and their developers.

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