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About us

MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry with customers in both passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors. Founded in 1920, the technology group is working on the climate-neutral mobility of tomorrow, with a focus on the strategic areas of electrification and thermal management as well as further technology fields to reduce CO2 emissions, such as fuel cells or highly efficient combustion engines that also run on hydrogen or synthetic fuels. Today, one in every two vehicles globally is equipped with MAHLE components. MAHLE generated sales of more than EUR 12 billion in 2022. The company is represented with approx. 72,000 employees at 152 production locations and 12 major research and development centers in more than 30 countries. (as of 31.12.2022) #weshapefuturemobility


Pragstr. 26 – 46
70376 Stuttgart

E-mail: info@mahle.com
Phone:  +49 711 501-0
Internet: www.mahle.com

Bionic Battery Cooling Plate

MAHLE has been developing systems for cooling lithium-ion batteries for well over a decade, making it one of the pioneers in this field of technology.
The bionic battery cooling plate from MAHLE keeps the lithium-ion battery in the optimal temperature window between 10 to a maximum of 40 °C at all times.
In the latest development, the channel design imitates flow patterns found in nature. This reduces pressure loss by up to 20 percent while increasing heat transfer by 10 percent.

MAHLE Bionic Battery Cooling Plate


The e-compressor is important for the temperature control of the e-drive and thus crucial for the service life, high charging speed and range of the battery.
MAHLE currently offers its extremely compact high-voltage compressor in voltages of up to 900 volts, displacements of up to 57 cubic centimeters and outputs of up to 18 kilowatts.
Its compact design, combined with its high performance, means that it can be used in all vehicle classes-from passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles.

Wireless Charging Positioning System

Inductive charging makes charging e-vehicles even easier.
Siemens is developing the infrastructure, MAHLE the vehicle technology and the user-friendly positioning system.
The latter is placed on the floor of the garage or parking lot as a "transmitter" coil. The magnetic field that is built up transmits the energy to the "receiver" coil in the car.
The battery charges with a charging power of 11 kilowatts and an efficiency of 92 percent - and without cables!

Wireless Charging Ground Assembly

Wireless Charging Vehicle Assembly

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