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Last Mile Semiconductor GmbH

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About us

Founded in 2022, Last Mile Semiconductor is concerned with the breakthrough development of a non-cellular 5G microchip revolutionizing IoT. DECT NR+ as the technology behind is the technical catalyst for the future of Massive IoT—connecting billions of smart devices securely and reliably. DECT NR+ operates without a data subscription, providing low-cost, low-latency connectivity. With a range of up to 6km, a data rate of 10 Mbps, and free global dedicated spectrum at 1.9GHz, it outperforms existing standards.

Last Mile Semiconductor's microchips set new benchmarks in cost, power dissipation, and battery life, making them a perfect fit for the next era of IoT possibilities.

Join us in realizing this vision anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Last Mile Semiconductor is your partner for unlocking secure, reliable, and independent IoT use-cases. We’re here to enable massive IoT use-cases, secure critical infrastructure and regain digital sovereignty.


Last Mile Semiconductor GmbH
Bamberger Str. 1
01187 Dresden

E-mail: info@lm-semi.com
Phone:  +49 351 5019380
Internet: www.lm-semi.com

Contact person:

Christoph Gulich
CEO Managing Director
E-mail: christoph.gulich@lm-semi.com

Mario Orgis
COO Managing Director
E-mail: mario.orgis@lm-semi.com

Products & Services

The LMS0826 DECT NR+ System-on-Chip is a single- die solution which combines a 200MHz ultra-low power RISC-V core with a high performance DECT NR+ (1.9 GHz) radio to provide reliable and secure leading edge applications. Based on the selected semiconductor technology, it provides an energy-efficient wireless link combined with a world-class, energy-efficient, low-power RISC-V implementation. The integrated quantum-proof security elements future-proof your business-critical applications. The LMS0826 is available with boost or buck DC-DC capabilities, enabling direct power from a wide variety of batteries.

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