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About us

Certivity is driven by a clear vision - connecting the non-digital regulatory world to digital engineering processes to simplify product compliance for all stakeholders. The cutting-edge software platform digitizes regulatory documents, transforms them into regulatory data, analyses them with AI to find requirements, and seamlessly connects to engineering processes. In addition, Certivity leverages the latest advances in LLMs with domain-specific training for information extraction from regulatory data. Certivity enables its customers to streamline their compliance processes, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market for their products while opening up new ways of collaboration to ensure that compliance and engineering teams work seamlessly together.

Better, cheaper & faster regulatory management seamlessly integrated into existing processes & tools

The SaaS platform serves as the new control center for all aspects of digital regulatory management


Ungererstraße 143
80805 Munich

E-mail: contact@certivity.io
Phone:  +49 176 14648516
Internet: www.certivity.io

Contact person:

Nico Wägerle
CEO & Co-Founder
E-mail: contact@certivity.io

Tim Gruber
E-mail: contact@certivity.io

Products & Services

Certivity serves as operating system for product compliance.

Our product generates “law as data” from multiple sources to facilitate a fully digital work stream by employing an AI engine based on LLMs. This innovative approach identifies and aligns requirements within regulations and uncovers commonalities across multiple regulatory landscapes. The result is the creation of digital regulatory twins for vehicles or components. Collaboration and interpretation workflows streamline information distribution within and across organizations. Seamless integration into existing System Engineering tools ensures efficient processes and end-to-end traceability. Furthermore, our commitment to keeping customers automatically updated with regulatory data enhances the overall efficiency of compliance management.

RegTech Software

SaaS platform to access and stay updated on digitized regulations, subscribe for change notifications, compare different regulation versions efficiently, collaborate on interpretations seamlessly, write requirements and collaborate on projects and digital twins with all project stakeholders, maintain a centralized source for compliance data, export and track updates in requirement engineering tools.

• Access and stay updated on digitized regulations.
• Subscribe for real-time change notifications.
• Compare different regulation versions efficiently.
• Collaborate seamlessly on interpretations.
• Write requirements and manage projects with stakeholders.
• Generate digital twins for vehicles or components.
• Maintain a centralized source for compliance data.
• Export and track updates in requirement engineering tools.

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