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Materials have a unique optical fingerprint, the same way humans have one. Our technology makes them visible, allowing us to identify and quantify materials and their compositions.

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The same way humans have a unique fingerprint, materials have a unique optical fingerprint. The use of certain technologies makes those fingerprints visible and allows us to identify, differentiate, and quantify materials and their compositions. This is what we call Material Sensing, and we build miniaturized spectroscopic sensors for it.

With our hardware, software, and services you are given the tools you need to take your products and processes to the next level. Use our SenoCorder Solid to identify and quantify fabrics and their composition quickly, easily, and wherever you are. Make better decisions within your procurement process and save time and resources by avoiding extensive and destructive laboratory testing. Implement our OEM module into robotic vacuum cleaners to create a device that can detect stains that are invisible to the naked eye and differentiate between floor materials to ensure the correct treatment of each area.

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Products and Services

Our goal is it to make Material Sensing available to everyone. With the development of our handheld device and our OEM module, we have made an important step towards this goal. Easy to understand and ready to use, our products offer you the possibility to experience the benefits of Material Sensing first hand.
OEM Module

With our SenoSense Complete, you receive a detector and illumination unit combined. In other words -
a ready to use sensor system. The hardware unit is designed to be implemented into your own machinery or handheld device to classify and quantify materials.

For example, you can integrate the OEM module into robotic vacuum cleaners to identify floor materials and stains or in machinery or handheld devices to identify and quantify a broad range of textiles

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Handheld Device

A novel solution allowing you to carry out measurements for a broad range of fabrics, providing you with details about textile compositions instantly. No matter where you are, the information you need is just one touch of a button away. The SenoCorder will change the way you test your samples, and process your measurement results.

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