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dpv-analytics is the winner of the GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD 2021. The spin-off from Germany's largest cardiological practice received the award for its new ritmo™ prevention system.

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Hundreds of thousands of high-risk patients are not diagnosed with a stroke, because the predominant long-term ECG is time-consuming and, at the same time, labor and cost intensive. Many strokes are therefore not prevented in time. This has serious consequences: for the patients, their families, the health insurers and the community.

Using newest technologies - made in Germany - we want to change this.

Offering our ritmo™ system as "diagnostic -as-a-service" we provide doctors and patients with reliable, fast and inexpensive diagnoses. By using artificial intelligence, our reports are not only extremely accurate but also extremely scalable. Several thousand analyses are possible - per day. Smaller as a matchbox, ritmo™ is comfortable for the patient.

Our goal: Moving from treatment to prevention.

Every person that is saved from a stroke is one less person that needs to be treated.

For further details please visit www.dpv-analytics.com and www.myritmo.com

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Diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence – medically validated

dpv-ritmo is the smart digital screening system for atrial fibrillation. It opens up completely new dimensions in the prevention of strokes. Lengthy analyses have come to an end: dpv-ritmo ensures that many more high-risk patients can be examined easily, quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

Awarded with the GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD 2021 the system contains of two core elements. The hardware is a biosensor developed by dpv. It is applied wirelessly to the chest in a waterproof plaster and records the patient’s ECG data.

The software that evaluates this data works with Machine Learning Algorithms – also known as Artificial Intelligence. This software has been developed based on the experiences we have gathered as doctors from the many thousands of examinations conducted over more than two decades. Together with our software engineers, we have developed a solution from this collection of data that will revolutionise preventive diagnostics, not just in Germany.

ritmo™ is a smart device for detecting the heart rhythm to prevent people from stroke. Customer love this ecg recorder without any cables and used just with a single patch electrode. Doctors love the device cause our AI-based software helps them to analyse a stroke risk caused by atrial fibrillation.

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Small device – Big award
The new (long-term) mini ECG recorder ritmo received the renowned GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD in the category “Medical Innovation Product” at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf 2021. Every year, the coveted GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD crowns outstanding achievements and innovations in medicine that enable better patient care. The ritmo system convinced the jury with its smart interaction of a compact medical device and artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of innovative stroke prevention. Until now, long-term ECGs have been used to detect insidious stroke risks such as atrial fibrillation or other cardiac arrhythmias at an early stage. However, these are associated with time-consuming hospital or practice visits for patients. Due to complex “wiring”, the devices are often prone to malfunctions, are uncomfortable to wear and require time-consuming cleaning. The new development ritmo can detect atrial fibrillation easily, quickly and reliably thanks to the AI software and is comfortable for the patient to wear. It thus enables uncomplicated screening of patients at risk over a period of up to 12 days.

A matter of the heart – in the truest sense of the word
The wireless mini ECG was developed by Dr Ekkehard Schmidt, Dr Stephan Kranz and Dr Matthias Glawe. The Hamburg founders of the start-up dpv-analytics were visibly moved and proud to receive the coveted award. Cardiologist Dr. med. Ekkehard Schmidt said: “The ritmo is literally a matter of the heart for our team. We accept this award on behalf of all 500 thousand patients in Germany who are affected by atrial fibrillation but have not yet been diagnosed and can now be better protected from an impending stroke.” Stephan Kranz, MD, specialist at the renowned Cardiologicum Hamburg and Managing Director of dpv-analytics, added: “We are grateful that the ritmo award also brings the topic of prevention more into focus. This confirms our conviction that it is time for a paradigm shift – away from treatment and towards prevention.”

At just 5×5 cm, the ritmo wireless ECG recorder is as small as a passport photo, is sent to the patient by post and can be easily attached and removed by the patient. It is showerproof, is attached directly to the skin with an “electrode patch” and records data for up to 12 days. After recording, the recorder is simply sent by post to the dpv evaluation centre, where the data is read in and evaluated. The result is checked by a doctor and then made available digitally.

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