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The Germany-based startups 3dvisionlabs and Inferics introduce PatronuSens®, worlds first protector for those living alone based on latest advances in depth sensing and AI.

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The two Germany-based startups 3dvisionlabs and Inferics introduce their common product PatronuSens®, worlds first protector for those living alone – based on innovative optical 3D sensors and groundbreaking advances in artificial intelligence.
PatronuSens® includes 3dvisionlabs’ new HemiStereo® depth sensing technology. The extreme wide-angle depth sensing capability allows to detect falls in complex environments with only one single device per room. This dramatically reduces cost and infrastructure demands and sets PatronuSens ahead of previous products in terms of accuracy and size of residential environment covered.

Inferics GmbH empoweres PatronuSens® using the latest advances in deep learning and AI. A new TensorFlow model has been trained on a specifically designed dataset incorporating images produced with a HemiStereo camera in an overhead position. This allows robust human pose estimation while also covering a large observation space of up to 70 m². NVIDIA’s Jetson platform allows to process all data within the PatronuSens® sensor device.

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Products and services

PatronuSens® is a joint product of Inferics GmbH and 3dvisionlabs GmbH. Specially developed for the healthcare market, it detects dangerous situations, in particular falling or lying on the ground. This is particularly aimed at the need for the safety of single, endangered persons (e.g. elderly people, diabetics, epileptics, people with cardiovascular diseases) as well as their relatives and professional carers. PatronuSens fights the state of care emergency.

With PatronuSens, life becomes safer, more comfortable and relaxed, private living space can be used longer, less inpatient care is needed, the range of outpatient care is increased and nursing staff is relieved. Three application areas are conceivable for such a product: assisted living, inpatient facilities with structured care (hospitals and nursing homes), private living environments and mobile outpatient care.


The unique system can detect critical situations in living spaces, such as immobility, inactivity or falls, and send an alarm message to caregivers or relatives in an emergency. This enables the performance of 3dvisionlabs HemiStereo and NVIDIA Jetson technology. It offers many advantages such as carelessness, discretion and individuality. Since no private data is collected about the user of the device, privacy is also protected.

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